It is said that knowledge is power and there is no other better way of acquiring knowledge like reading books. There are several books written by various scholars and contractors on construction. Some of these books are highly informative and simple to understand while some are complex. For those that have a passion in construction there are some simple informative books that they should make a point on reading. Some of the best books to read include;

Fundamentals of building construction

book1Written by Edward Allen and Joseph Lano, it has several editions.

The current book is on its 5th edition and it is actually one of the best books about constructions.

The best part about it is that it tends to cover most if not all areas of construction and construction materials.

It is really easy to read and understand the book.

Steel construction

book2Mainly dealing with the metals used in construction, it was first published in 1927 and has republished several times.

For those interested in construction metals, this is actually one of the best books to read.

The book is currently on the 16th edition.

Strengths finder

book3This is book is mainly written for contractors. It was written by Tom Rath.

The book acts as a form of inspiration to people and contractor to act on their own strengths as opposed to building on the strength of others.

These are some of the simple books on construction that one may make a point of reading to boost their construction knowledge and apply the knowledge around the home.