I have a PhD in materials and structures and my aim of creating this blog is to provide people with information on building material and construction. Both contractors and home owners will be able to benefit from my blogs. I ensure that I provide informative material that cover all areas involved in construction.

logosqHome owners will benefit from the blog by getting information on how to do simple renovations around the house.

I will be able to provide simple tips that will guide my readers on how to save some money when it comes to renovations and the best ways and time of hiring a contractor.

By providing you with some of the construction tricks, most of the DIY projects will be really simple and you will enjoy doing them with your family.

Contractors will be able benefit from my blogs by learning the best methods of performing certain construction procedures. Apart from that they will benefit by getting a chance of knowing about new construction tools and procedures that will allow them to improve on quality.

With these blogs I aim to educate and I assure my reader of quality and constant update of materials. I want to create a relationship with my readers and I really appreciate your comments and discussions.